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  • Bee My Honey Wellbeing Gift Box

    Bee My Honey Wellbeing Gift Box

    A nourishing gift of honey for good health. Includes Kanuka and Raw Beechforest Honeydew. All the natural enzymes are still... View Details
  • Cuppa Coffee Cup Mum!

    Cuppa Coffee Cup Mum!

    If you're conscious about your environmental foot-print and into expressing your style, this is the portable cup for you! Take... View Details
  • Bashful Cottontail Bunny Medium

    Bashful Cottontail Bunny Medium

    A Jellycat super snuggly bunny for all ages! Amazing colour, looks even better in real life.  Size 300mm high. Suitable all ages.        ... View Details
  • Green Fern Print

    Green Fern Print


    Green Fern Print

    Features New Zealand's native Fern - an unoffical symbol of our country. The underside is silver coloured! This print is... View Details
  • JS Ceramics Cross turquoise

    JS Ceramics Cross turquoise

    This New Zealand-style cross is both unique and symbolic. The cross and heart are symbols of love and life, the... View Details
  • Anoint Salt & Milk Set

    Anoint Salt & Milk Set

    A delightful addition to bath or foot bath. Melt away the stresses with this combo. Essential oils and natural himalayan... View Details
  • Kuwi's Creative Colouring Book

    Kuwi's Creative Colouring Book

    A fun book that takes you on a native New Zealand journey through intricate line art.  Beautifully illustrated for people of... View Details
  • Purse - Charging Sequin

    Purse - Charging Sequin

  • Mug - Modern Home Collectables

    Mug - Modern Home Collectables

  • Summer Bunting

    Summer Bunting


    Summer Bunting

    Style your space with some summer flavour. Measures 4m long it includes 15 Flags with 5 repeating designs (double sided). Satin... View Details
  • Table runner Woven

    Table runner Woven

    A wonderful New Zealand gift for a home. Use as a base for meal dishes or sideboard with a decorative... View Details
  • Gold Tui Tote

    Gold Tui Tote


    Gold Tui Tote

    A stylish Tote Bag featuring the proud Tui, native of NZ. So smart and timeless.  Size: 360 x 395 mm. Shoulder... View Details
  • Rob Ryan Four Seasons Plates

    Rob Ryan Four Seasons Plates

    A beautiful set of four ceramic plates each featuring a different poem representing the four seasons. They will look delightful... View Details
  • Puzzle - Native Birds

    Puzzle - Native Birds

    New Zealand's Native Birds on a colourful 300 piece puzzle. A great way to spend time with friends and family,... View Details